A project by K11 srl. K11 is an innovative Start Up, founded by THEBLACKLAB - a small studio started in 2019 in Le Marche region- specialized in the realization of digital solutions eager to launch a challenge: ZYX, a cutting-edge system allowing an interactive viewing experience of very high resolution 3D models on web platform. K11 brings together two worlds: User Experience and 3D art. The idea stems from two friends’ powerful passions and expertise: one in the field of rendering and computer graphics, the other, in the field of User Experience and User Interface. The ZYX project brings together a dynamic ecosystem of qualified professionals specialized in various sectors: the Web, 3D modeling, photography, product, and fashion design; Each member of our multidisciplinary team is a firm believer in 3D language, in its power to make projects tangible, visualize ideas, speak to  users’ emotions. Digimark Srl is among the technical partners of K11. The Marche-based software house focuses on digital experiences to respond to the multiple business needs and the various business dynamics. The systems designed by Digimark are the result of continuous research on cutting-edge digital technologies and processes: customized web and mobile software and applications improve the company's performance, facilitate the management, interconnection and optimization of the different business areas, improving efficiency, productivity and, consequently, the ability to generate profit.The Digimark team takes care of the enhancement of the customizable platform to support our ZYXPRO and ZYXREVIEW systems.


Improve the understanding of the product’s features and attributes.The configurator is the best way to educate the potential customer about the specifications and characteristics of the product. It is a self-service user approach that improves the quality of the queries Increase in salesIncrease in potential consumers’ (online and offline) traffic, resulting in more sales opportunities Time Optimization in dealing with clients’ queries.Through the only configurator, the user will answer his own questions, as he is able to discover every part of the object, as well as to modify the customizable parts.


ZYX enhances our clients’ Customer Experience:High quality rendering realistically recreates materials, lights, reflections, and textures, with extreme precision; high display quality guarantees an unparalleled immersive experience into products; reproduces detailed product information and characteristics; makes the 3D model to be perceived in a realistic fashion; Maximum Usability Virtual tour of the productVR / AR ready accessible directly from the player Playable on any smartphone, tablet, desktop device; Ability to collect and collate data analytics, including demographics, number of new users, sessions duration, etc.

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