XYZPLAY is a high-quality universal viewer that plunges the user into a powerful and experiential journey.
The careful mapping of the material component – combined with a refined reworking of the lighting and coloring of the object – reminds the user of a realistic perception of the product in 3D, minimizing the difference between real and virtual.
Thanks to large and fast movements and to an easy navigation, the user is able to appreciate every detail of the 3D model, and to enter into an emotional relationship with the product.

XYZPLAY is designed to simulate VR / RA environments. The high level of interaction that is characteristic of augmented reality and virtual reality boosts user engagement with the product and the brand: with a simple touch, the user can visualize, manipulate, and arrange the product in the desired space environment. This way, every user finds himself and/or herself living an immersive experience.Here are some demonstrations.


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